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آہنگ - Ahang - A travelling show from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi
to Mar 30

آہنگ - Ahang - A travelling show from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi

  • Alliance Francaise de Lahore (map)
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MH Initiatives is an art company by Mehreen Hashmi which is promoting culture exchange, peace and harmony between Asia , Arab and Europe countries through their upcoming projects 'Ahang' and 'Kabutar' in 2019 in partnership with Orbit, event and marketing agency.

 آہنگ-  Ahang is a travelling exhibition honoring the idea of connecting beyond boundaries between different countries from Asia and Arab in Pakistan while promoting peace and harmony among ourselves as different nations with several visual cultures. Through the several ages of art history, visual arts have been majorly a form of non-verbal communication. All fine arts medium is based on visuals mainly. A variety of mediums has been added as a way of this non-verbal communication. The video installation is a contemporary art form that combines the technology of videos with concepts and visuals. This art form affects the audience with the use of all aspects of the surroundings. Video installations and new media art has been a communal medium in the category of contemporary art worldwide. Although executing an exhibition of this genre is at its beginning stage in Pakistani art scene or else have not yet taken place in this measure.

This exhibition is one of its kind considering the involvement of global visual culture and the genre of its medium. This show is planned to travel through different cities of Pakistan. In this exhibition, artists from 13 different countries from Asia and Arab countries including Palestine, India, Macau, China, Iran, Philippines, Libya, Maldives, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt are displaying their work. All the artists are the emerging and established artists in their respective countries. This exhibition brings us the concept of ‘Peace', ‘Harmony' and 'Heritage', this exhibition includes artwork in photography, video installations, and digital collages.

Participating artists are ;

Imon Raza , India
Foad Alijani , Iran
Khandakar Ohida , India
Edin within , Maldives
Sana Fatima , Pakistan
B Ajay Sharma , India
Camilla Meshiea , Libya/American
Tapan Moharan , India
Nazia Akram , Islamabad, Pakistan
SunainaTalreja , Pakistan
Adnan Adil , Pakistan
Bei Yu , China
Naznain Moradi , Iran
Fizza Saleem , Pakistan
Sana Durrani , Pakistan
Mohammad Ali Hawajri , Palestine
Joseph Ingking , Philippines
Bina Ali , Pakistan
Natercia S.W. Chang , Macau
Hiromi Kawaji Japan
Mohammd Alimumal , Pakistan
Rahman HakHagir , Afghanistan/Austria
Ammara Khalid , Lahore, Pakistan
Rose Mengmei Zhou , China
Kang Gao , China
Pandora Yun Peng , China
Eloi Scarva , Macau
Shumaila Khan , Lahore, Pakistan
Suffah Naeem , Lahore, Pakistan
Ehab Aziz , Egypt

First Display; Alliance Francaise de Lahore –15th March 2019 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Second Display; Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad –18th March 2019 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Finale with performances ; Alliance Francaise de Karachi- 30th March 2019 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

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to Dec 31


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When a child or a woman or a man get bullied or abused, a part of it dies emotionally. There is an element of mental and emotional health which shows its side-effects later in life. The trauma stays with the person in the form of patterns of attracting same behavior and nightmares. There are numerous consequences to the victim. I was abused physically, emotionally and also sexually for almost 20 years of my early age. That period of time has affected my later years in the form of developmental trauma. Now that I am a grown woman in early 30s, I still suffer some fragments of it in cognitive part of my brain. This is my story, I want you to share your story; tell me how you feel about it and the ways it has affected your life later or now. and I will include anonymously in my work. If you have suffered through abuse of any violence i.e. childhood abuse, domestic violence, narcissist mothers etc.

My work has been a depiction of aftermath of childhood abuse; but it doesn’t end with leaving the premises and people who are effecting it. While narrating my trauma and breakdowns through my self-portraits, I discovered a genre of emotion in my work. It’s a life-long struggle while making friends, involving in more abusive relationships and emotional stability of one self. We have been trained to fabricate our expressions and suppress the emotions. We get to know about domestic violence, rape cases and child survivors of such heinous crimes but we don’t get to the effects of aftermath of it on one’s mind, body and soul. Its a curatorial activism for the survivors of abuse and trauma.

You can email your story to with a subject 'Who will attend my funeral?' mentioning your origin by December 31st. Your identity will be kept as anonymous. Selected context from your stories will be used in my post card series.

First display of this work will take place at Chittagong Biennale, Bangladesh in February 2019.

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