Paintings, Paintings with Text, Provocative Art, Self-Portraits

Artist Statement

Abuse is any child’s worst nightmare; physical abuse can wound human soul terribly when it comes with sexual assault. My work is about such experiences which I have lived through every day once when it was happening and now when it has happened. I paint self-portraits as my catharsis, I have tried words earlier but this has served me more than any medium. It’s a cage of my own self which never let me out. It’s not only me; it’s every other person in different prison of inner self hiding others’ mistakes. I have lived through it and will be breathing through it. All that dirt poured on my soul was not mine, how it could be; I was just a child, I was ‘She’.

My work is a narration of my emotional struggle being a survivor of sexual abuse mainly. It is a statement about psychological and emotional impact of abuse on children as well as adults. Our social taboos does not allow women as well as men to raise a voice about their sufferings which makes it more suffocating. We don't have a way out of this because we don't have any one to listen or understand.